HKMLL 2013  Lacrosse · Male Advanced

Requires Basic Membership
Fall 2013
Registration Dates:
Since 2013-09-02 regular
Division 2,  Division 1
Team Fees

This year there will be maximum 10 teams to compete for the champion. They will be divided into two divisions of 5 teams. Division 1 is top 5 teams in HK, according to result of 2012. The rest are in Division 2.

Division games use single round robin system. After that, rank 4,5 of Division 1 and rank 1,2 of Division 2 will play qualifying games to fight for the 2 places in Division 1. Winning team of qualifing games and rank 1,2,3 of Division 1 will join playoff games to fight for the championship.

Please make sure you have already registered as HKLA member and completed the payment through the membership page in HKLA website

Please download and read the league package of HKLL2013 before you start the registration.

League Notes:

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